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our services

Production of advertising balloons, suitable for all kinds of promotions, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your needs and desires with the possibility of printing.

Production and reparation of all kinds of inflatable playgrounds, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your desire.

Surface of playgrounds can be an interesting place for your advertisement, so they are suitable for promotional purposes.


  • PRO CREDIT BANK Serbia - inflatable playgrounds for children
  • TKK – Puma Kragujevac – self-portable balloon hall for professional tennis (without pressure in work area)
  • BVA - MAX PLAY Zemun - castle toboggan for children
  • ČAR - Color and lacquer industry - tarpaulins
  • BLAŽEKS - Furniture industry Kragujevac - tarpaulins
  • DAM - Commercial company Kragujevac - tarpaulins
  • D.0.0 MARPA Igalo – air dome mini football (construction)
  • SPORT CENTER - Kragujevac closed garden
  • SPORT CENTER Šumadija Arandjelovac - closed garden
  • TUNING STYLING Beograd - advertising start gates
  • SPORT CENTER - stadium Cika Daca Kragujevac - protective tunnel
  • SPORT CENTER - city stadium FC Jagodina - protective tunnel
  • SPETRA - shipping
  • MB BREWERY N.Sad - awnings and parasols (reparation)
  • CHILDREN THEATRE - Kragujevac (stage)
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