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our services

Production of advertising balloons, suitable for all kinds of promotions, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your needs and desires with the possibility of printing.

Production and reparation of all kinds of inflatable playgrounds, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your desire.

Surface of playgrounds can be an interesting place for your advertisement, so they are suitable for promotional purposes.

About us

   The company "Alhena" was founded in Kragujevac in 1995. In the beginning, the activities were based on the production of structural solutions and on the installation of awnings, on the reparation and modification of tarpaulin constructions of special vehicles.

   Going in parallel with current changes and demands of the market, we gradually adjust our own way of activity to our clients' desires and in the end of the nineties we adopt the production of advertising balloons, totems, advertising-aimed gates, inflatable playgrounds for children.

   In 2003, we start the production of first sport halls with construction, and then there are sport halls of self-portable construction.

  In the latest period, we adopt solutions (air domes, mini football, tennis) which, in its specificity, where we firstly mean on the economic cost-effectiveness as well as on the degree of commodity of final users, differ a lot from similar concurrent products in our wider environment.

   Alhena builds its success on the success of its partners too. There we firstly mean on our respectable customers, providers as well as on local environment without which our progress and total satisfaction with realized would be diminished.
Because of that, we, along with our partners, work on the development of mutual relations, transparency - quality as well as on informing the customers of our innovations.

   From all above mentioned, and in the aim of continuous progress and development, we have decided to share our offer of products and services as well as all our business success and innovations in the production with you on the internet address

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