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our services

Production of advertising balloons, suitable for all kinds of promotions, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your needs and desires with the possibility of printing.

Production and reparation of all kinds of inflatable playgrounds, shapes, sizes and colors in accord with your desire.

Surface of playgrounds can be an interesting place for your advertisement, so they are suitable for promotional purposes.

Welcome to

Dear customers, it is our pleasure to present to you in this way too. For all of you who know us and work with us, as well as for those who hear for us for the first time, greetings and welcome to our internet page.

On these pages, a complete production program will be presented to you, i.e.: air domes, tarpaulins, playgrounds and balloons as well as awnings.

We hope you will find here all the information you need.

We wish you pleasant surf on our pages, Alhena web team

Current Project

Inflatable Air domes without pressure in the dome

Air dome characteristics:

  • Double side
  • Inflatable self-portable
  • Without inner pressure

Recent products

Production of an inflatable air dome for TKK Puma, Kragujevac. Air dome characteristics:
  • Width: 36 meters
  • Length: 36 meters
  • Height: 10 meters
  • Inflatable self-portable
  • Without inner pressure
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